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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Review

By Asianfreak
Written April 03, 2015
91 out of 100 A great teen romance with new humor, more and more action, extremley exciting and epic. "Eclipse" is the best twilight movie so far...
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Leading up to Breaking Dawn....

By cecelia_grace
Written November 16, 2011
It is wonderful being able to be back in the theatre to see the movie leading up to the big premiere tomorrow night!!! Such a wonderful atmosphere, Twilight fans are AWESOME! The third installment in the series is by far the best in terms of action, with director David Slade bringing a fresh new viewpoint to the series.
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Good Movie

By wolfchick0619
Written March 02, 2012
Me and my friends went and seen the midnight showing of this one as well as the first two. My favorite so far is New Moon. Eclipse is still a good movie, and I think it is way better the Twilight. I think all of the actors did better in this movie, and it stuck closest with the books.
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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

By lizakimiko
Written April 03, 2015
i love the movie all the way through
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Oh Riley!!!

By anailevir1
Written April 19, 2013
Now this was a sweet follow-up to New Moons heartbreak. It was an exciting development between the characters and had me salivating in the end for BD1 & BD2. Wow how the characters have grown and really taken charge of the dynamics and drama i the film. I found myself torn between team Edward and team Jacob but really rooting for team BELLA! and the soundtrack is really noteworthy. Im liking how the characters are unapologetic in their passions will immenent dangers looms ahead (sorry, no spoilers) I definately recommend this film but I think kids under 15 shouldnt watch, adult themes here. LOVED IT!
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