Bloody Perfect!

By Black Interior
Written September 29, 2014
Each movie in the saga got better and better with the acting and visual effects. With Breaking Dawn, it was mind blowing. Yes, I have read the books, but see it on the big screen and how they have put everything together was amazing! The whole cast did an amazing job and it really takes you through this roller coaster that makes you feel as if you don't know what to expect. That's the best part for me as a fan. All I have to say is that you must see it! Can't wait for part two now :D
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The Best One Yet!

Written November 18, 2011
I love this book series, except for the final book Breaking Dawn. BUT, this movie has made me love the last book!.. It was perfect!... The only thing I am having trouble with is waiting for a whole year to see the next one
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such a great movie

By misst1078
Written November 18, 2011
Omg wow!!!! I can't tell you how fantastic this movie was. The fights, everything the romance and I have become more of a Jacob fan. Taylor Launter did his thing in this movie. I loved the scene when he imprinted on Renesme. I am going to see this movie again!!!!!
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Loved Breaking Dawn, found it appropriate for my 16 & 12yo girls

By autumnrains67
Written November 18, 2011
This was by far my most favorite of the movie series. It moves fast, keeps one's interest and shows love and compassion without going over the top. I took my 2 daughters ages 16 and 12. Someone told me that it wasn't appropriate for my 12yo because of the adult content and graphics. I did not find that to be the case. The love scenes were refreshing as Bella waited for Edward till they were married. Passion was evident and there were glimpses in the bedroom scene, but I found it appropriate in content and message. I want movies with morals of 'abstinence & life values.' The end with baby birth is graphic, there is blood, crippling pain, death and revival . . . but it was also a beautiful sacrificial giving to life. Simply loved the movie! Kudos also for improving acting abilities by the actors. In particular, I could really see the growth with Taylor Lautner (Jacob). Kristen Stewart (Bella) also had some great scenes during pregnancy & birth.
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Breaking Dawn

By star_fan
Written November 18, 2011
That mavie was awesome!!! I have not seen any of the other movies but now I understand the hoopla!! I can't wait for part 2. I am sitting up tonight looking at Twilight and New Moon, and will check out Eclipse tomorrow. I'm hooked!
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