Nobody will replace "The Duke" but move on...

By scottb14
Written April 08, 2017
Being 49, I grew up watching the likes of John Wayne regularly. But move on folks. I HAVE seen this movie, and it's wonderful. I suppose some think the western is no longer a valid/entertaining genre, but you'd be wrong and miss a great movie if you don't see this. The acting is top-notch, which one would expect from a cast and Producers/Directors of this calibre. In an audience, you find yourself laughing at the simple and wonderfully delivered lines. The young actress, Hailee Steinfeld, will blow you away. Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges, Barry Pepper, and Josh Brolin all handle their roles perfectly. The scenery and costumes are period simple, which adds to the realism. Don't pass up a chance to see a great film and forget it's a "remake" as it stands fine on it's own.
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True Grit

By Derrick Deane
Written December 20, 2010
I went into this movie having not seen the original True Grit. I know, shame on me. So my inital thought, based on the bang-bang trailer was that this was going to be a gritty gunsliing western that would warm Sergio Leone's long-deceased heart. I must say that the humor in this movie (trademark dark Coen Bros. humor) was a pleasant surprise. Jeff Bridges and Hailee Stienfeld have a great chemistry. Come to think of it, Steinfeld pretty much has great chemistry will all the actors she encounters. Matt Damon is also comically excellent as a Texas Ranger and Josh Brolin (who's baaaarely in this movie) makes a nice cameo. I'm intrigued now to see the original True Grit, if only to see John Wayne deliver punchlines with his trademark delivery. Coen Bros. fans will love this movie, Western fans as well. Everybody else, eh, if you like Jeff Bridges, you'll probably dig it. Otherwise, you'll prob wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray.
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Jeff Bridges up for another Oscar? He earned it in this one! AGAIN!

By MooveeFantoo
Written December 23, 2010
This is the best movie I have seen all year. Jeff Bridges was absolutely perfect Rooster Cogburn. Matt Damon was great in his role as a Texas Ranger and I chuckled off and on all the way through. The young girl (sorry I don't know her name) was also perfect in her role as was Josh Brolin as the whiny cowardly killer. I highly recommend seeing this movie and I expect we will see Jeff Bridges with another nomination for an Academy Award for his performance.
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By ljm21_TV/bookfanatic
Written December 29, 2010
I just watched this movie, and it was far better than what I expected. I usually think Westerns are simply OK, but I would watch this again and again! The acting was superb! Jeff Bridges was perfect for Rooster Cogburn; Matt Damon was good as well. As good as those two were, however, it was Hailee Steinfeld (Mattie Ross) who stole the show...what talent!! This movie is not for people who want fast-paced, incessant action, but if you like to relax and enjoy a great movie, this is one to watch! Even if you do not like Western films, I would still recommend this movie. It is surprisingly funny, yet it still has the classic Western characteristics!!
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watch it

By mccallos
Written December 20, 2010
solid movie, i enjoyed the early showing but my brother thought it was a little slow.. definitely not a pure action movie, its well done and entertaining with some beautiful scenery so go see it in the theater. anyone with at least a lttle intellect will find it witty and exciting...
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