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Transformers: Dark of the Moon Synopsis
Sam Witwicky remains a reluctant human ally of Optimus Prime as Shockwave wreaks havoc.
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Huge Transformers Fan: Worst Transformers Ever! Should be rated R, don't see!!!

By JNorcross
I am a HUGE Transformers fan. Even as a parent I still have the toys. I loved the first 2 movies. Parent's please be warned that this movie is not a family friendly movie. Constant War Of The...

Transformers: Dark of the Moon review

By MrMystery
Crappy story...ridiculous fight one gets hurt or so much as loses a shoe while sliding down the face of a skyscraper...and then falling through broken glass for 20 stories!!! The...

Obviously Michael Bay learned nothing from Revenge of the Fallen!

By invisionary1
Why is it in so many sequels they think if they blow up more stuff and show more half dressed hotties that this will make for a better movie. Michael Bay has successfully taken an amazing franchise...

******* AWESOME!!!

By eliwaitforitmir
This movie just gave me ghost bumps!! My eyes got watery !! It's nerve-breaking! So many mixed emotions right now!! Way better than the second one! I wasn't a big fan of transformers but I gotta...

Biggest Blow Em Up Shoot Out

By Koali
What I liked: Great set design everywhere - great location shots - fantastic eye candy for the demolition action destruction blow em up fragment it tear and and drag it lovers. Cast: Shia LeBeouf is...

The Best of the Three a Must See. dont bring small kids

By Fine69
The movie is an adrenaline rush from the beginning to the end. The seamless 1960s footage of original footage of JFK I did a double take from it realizing some of its new and some of it was the real...

A little too "Happy Ending" for me...

By KogaLuver424
Without giving anything away... The movie was made by Michael bay... Duh.... But the chaos and destruction of this action movie... ends a little too quickly and cinderella-like.... Everything just...

It's intense but boringly prolonged

By geoelevation25
Nice try Michael Bay. Again....

Transformers: Dark of the Moon review

By healthcarenikki
I love the Transformers movies but this one was BY FAR the BEST one I have seen. It was FULL of action and I experienced every emotion. The storyline was GREAT. So many things that were completely...

Great great great great!

By Vanoss101
Sure, Michael Bay can't help but keep the cheesy effects of a girls hair blowing in the wind or a car on fire flipping behind a former 'Victoria's Secret' model but besides that, I congratulate...

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Rated PG-13 | For Intense prolonged sequences of sci-fi action violence, mayhem and destruction, and for language, some sexuality and innuendo
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Common Sense Media says Slightly better than No. 2 but still crude and very violent.
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