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Dueling dirigibles, really?

By RandytheMovieFan
Written October 21, 2011
After being adapted to film more than a dozen times dating back to the silent era, did we need another movie of The Three Musketeers? Sure, why not, it's a rousing good time with plenty of nifty sword fighting, but this version definitely is spotty. It has a decent cast, although Orlando Bloom seems to have taken acting lessons from the Snidely Whiplash School of Villains. Milla Jovovich is beautiful as ever, but her scheming seductress is played more as a Mission Impossible character. The special effects are a mixed bag, with the ultimate action sequence involving aerial warfare between dirigibles creating more (unintended) laughs than thrills. It's no wonder this movie was released in the dead zone of mid-October when the competition is light and audience expectations are low.
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the three musketeers

By haber1
Written October 22, 2011
I enjoyed the was entertaining. There were some scenes that reminded me of other movies and the music was great. The special effects were fantastic. The actors did a great job with a script that wasn't so hot.
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By enunezjr4
Written October 22, 2011
This movie was fun and entertaining. They focused a little too much on Milla Jovovich's character but the movie is still very exciting and fun. Don't go watch it if you want a serious action movie like 300 or the Matrix.
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Suspend your disbelief for an hour and fifty minutes, relax and enjoy!

By woday
Written October 23, 2011
For those naysayers regarding this movie I wonder just what they expected. The movie delivers what it promises; no more, no less. There was action aplenty and lavish sets. Some reviewers complained that the sets were too lavish, but I wonder whether any of them has ever visited Versaille. It WAS lavish, and intentionally so. If you want to escape for a couple of hours this is a pleasant way to do so. If you're expecting an Academy Award worthy screenplay you're probably in the wrong theater to begin with...
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By cpiercejr
Written October 24, 2011
Terrible, the absolute worst adaption of the Three Musketeers story, and I have seen them all. I will never go see another movie with checking out Rotten. Tomatoes.
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