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Go Marvel!

By JonathanBlaisdell
Written May 23, 2011
Had my doubts but Thor turned out great! It's amazing how many great movies Marvel has made. If you havent seen you can watch at [BLOCKED WEBSITE] .com
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Never Would Have Believed It

By jkiewit
Written May 07, 2011
I had no desire whatsoever to go see Thor when I saw the previews...alas my brother did so I decided to give it a go. Good god, I have never been more surprised by a movie in my life. There is not a moment in this movie that I wished I could press the fast forward button in the theatre, in captured my interest from the beginning until the final scene. With breathtaking visuals and tremendous acting, there is absolutely no reason not to go see this movie. If you are debating on whether or not to take your younger children to this movie, there is violence yes, but the bloodshed is extrememly limited to a few scrapes and bruises, and the language is limited as well to a few mild curse words. Appropriate for ages 9+ I would say. Hands down, my favorite movie I have seen in 2011. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!
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Great Summer Movie to Watch!

By pictouch
Written June 18, 2011
Thor was, by far, an entrance for the SUMMER BLOCKBUSTERS! The movie had a plot, which I liked a lot. The action scenes are very good, and there are plenty... The character development swayed from one character to another, which kinda left an eerie feeling. The acting was better than I expected it to be. Unfortunately, they made the plot too short for the love scenes to make an "awwing" effect, so sometimes it felt like it was to extravagant. The lines that Thor said were cheesy at some points; just when the movie was hitting the climax. To me, there should be another Thor sequel, but don't worry, there will absolutely will be one in The Avengers. Totally a must watch for the family!
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By bethdaniels
Written May 09, 2011
Thor was a great action film but also beautiful. The set designs were wonderful . Thor had a great body. Great "eye candy" for the ladies. My husband, a comic book know-it-all, siad it was pretty good and like the way they put the film together. The story flowed nicely and was fun to watch. Costums/make-up, whether computer generated or not, were outstanding. A must see!!!
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Thor is half a bore

By kraduate
Written February 24, 2017
Thor is mediocre. It had enough action to keep me interested but overall it was flat and uninspired. Comic book, superhero, mythology type movies need to rely more on script and less on visual. Thor is lacking the passion I felt like I should feel.
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