The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) Synopsis
Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stockbroker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government.
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The Wolf of Wall Street

By dbehammer
This movie had tremendous acting talent but was overshadowed by XXX rated nudity and crude boring and lewd language followed by a smorgasbord of rampant drug usage. After three hours of watching...

Wolf on Wall Street

By doeallen1
After one hour of this incredibly disappointing film, my party of three left. There were many reasons for leaving the least of which was the intense drug use, explicit sexual encounters and the...

master piece

By Ithacaphan
Did you nuns and 40 year old virgins think it was going to be a book club on wall street? Have you seen casino? That was scorsese's take on old vegas - now apply that to wall street...youve heard of...

Like you go watch porn movie with strangers in the threatre

By kymshine
Others sure might love it, but everyone's opinion worth to be publicized. So my opinion is this movie has too many drugs/cocaine, too may porn scenes, beyond sexy, beyond anything. Every 5 minutes...

Academy awards vs Puritans

By Panocya
Movie is not for young kids as there is a lot of nudity. However it is done in good taste And the storyline keeps you entertained for the 3 hours. I had to drag my wife to it as she read reviews...

As a fan of business related movies, this was terrible.

By brycemiller023
As someone that relies on Fandango reviews, I thought it was only right that I write one and warn people not to waste their money here. I'm a HUGE fan of Wall Street (maybe because of my finance...

The Wolf of Wall street is the Wolf of the Box Office

By nmahasne13
This movie was fantastic for so many reasons, starting with the camera movement and coming full circle with the performances. All around everything was sensation in this film. Although, the film is...


By kbhaught
Acting was good. Hated the film. An unnecessary assault of pornography, drugs, and non-stop cursing for over three hours. Not for kids of any age, or for adults for that matter--unless you think the...

Only an R?

By drnason
I walked out of this movie after almost 3 hours, and I never walk out of a movie. The entire movie was profanity and soft porn, I was embarrassed and offended at the content. Do the people in...

Sheep In Wolf's Clothing

By starkfarm
This MIGHT have been a good two-hour movie but we'll never know. Redundant. Redundant. Redundant. Three-hours? Why? The drugs, the over-the-top office politics, the sex...we get it. It really...

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Rated R | For graphic nudity, drug use, language throughout, some violence and strong sexual content
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Common Sense Media says Intoxicating rise-and-fall story is full of sex and drugs.
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