The Twilight Series (2011) Synopsis
See all 3 Twilight Saga Series movies back-to-back for one price, leading up to a midnight show of Breaking Dawn Part 1. Check local theater listings for details.

Movie Reviews

Breaking Dawn

By liz-movies
Breaking Dawn is the best one yet!! Out of all the Twilight Saga movies this one was not only the best but it was just like the book & the same order of events as the book! We had a very good time &...

Love, Betrayal, Action, Humor, Romance & Suspense. This one has it all!

By Moviebuff360
An excellent continuation of the Twilight Saga. Kristen Stewart found her facial muscles and was able to show emotion beyond a scowl and excessive lip biting to deliver a more in depth performance,...

Saw it Twice

By kathym_322
I went to see the Twilight movie marathon and then went back to see Breaking Dawn again today in XD. It was a great show, can't wait for it to come out on DVD and to see Part 2 next year....

Best one yet!!!

By huntermom
The movie was amazing, In spite of the incessant giggling of little school girls and the tortured husbands and boyfriends that were dragged to the movie by their wives or girlfriends. It is...

Twilight Saga Marathon

By miesh23
I loved it! We went to the marathon last year too and we'll go again next year for Breaking Dawn part 2. I really enjoy how close the movies are to the books. The actors and actresses are great. The...

Great movie!

By Fatal_Faith
This movie was GREAT! It kept me engaged at all times. The sex scenes were just right and not too explicit. I enjoyed this movie very much. I would highly recommend it for any Twilight lover! It...

Fast Forward

By eggslap
As a fan of the Twilight Saga Series (books are better), I have to say that Breaking Dawn was not my one of my favorites at all. While the acting & chemistry between characters was enchanting & cute...

Breaking Dawn Part 1

By scanmasterus
Well worth the money and the time I spent in line waiting for the theater to open. I will want to see it again and add the movie to my home collection. Wonderful and exciting movie....

Breaking Dawn was Awesome!

By lulusuarez0428
I went to the marathon down in Florida and I loved watching back to back movies until Breaking Dawn Part 1. Best movie of all, it followed just like the book, the wedding dress was beautiful, and the...

Best movie so far!!!

By HPFan18
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 was amazing! I loved the more mature feeling this movie gave from the very beginning and it followed the book so well, though there were a few adaptations with...

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