The Single Moms Club Synopsis
Single mothers from different backgrounds form a support group.
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By ttmonker
LOL is just what you will do! Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy the movie without a lot of chatter in the theater......biggest pet-peive - WANNA TALK, STAY HOME AND WAIT TO VIEW THE MOVIE ON DVD...

Vivian's review

By 3842
It is a very good movie. It's mainly a Women's movie but men can enjoy it also as well as learn from it. The best part is THERE IS NO SWEARING at all in it. My husband went with me and he...

Here we go again!!!

By pkingmcbride
Tyler Perry has done it again. He has managed to inject every predictable stereotype into his characters. Good actors and wonderful eye candy but movie has no substancce!!!!!!...


By Joanne1375
REally liked all the situations that were presented. So much like real life. Some people need to see tis to maybe understand others. Adults and children, what they might be dealing with. Drama and...


By divinebabyphat0526
This movie was funny, romantic, and awesome! It made you laugh, cry, and shout out. This is another one of Tyler Perry's must go sees. Can't wait to buy it on dvd!...


By Noochie
overall the movie was funny it made me laugh, I could not believe that there are parents out there today that do not know what to do with children. - It was like a lot was taken out of the movie...

The Single Mom's Club

By ilovezeb
The movie was OK. Not something I would want to see twice or buy. It had a few really funny parts. i wish I had waited until the video came out. sorry!...

Single Moms Club

By cyndi863
Tyler Perry hits another home run! Every Single mother should see this as it deals with the real issues of being a single parent and the friendship developed between single moms who become friends...

A definite must see!!

By candacemarlene
There were so many scenes that were true to life. Situations where I could recall how I handled them. I laughed, I cried, and I had a really good time enjoying the moment. Finally someone gets...

The Single MOm's Club

By tara0916
I usually like Tyler Perry Movies.. Not this one. It had some funny lines but the acting was terrible ,It lsounded forced or that they did not know their lines. Story Line very contrived....

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Rated PG-13 | For some sexual material and thematic elements
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Common Sense Media says Sisterhood drama skims surface of serious issues.
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