The Lunchbox Synopsis
A mistaken lunch delivery leads to a friendship via letters between a widower and a housewife.
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The Lunchbox

By wechslernm
We enjoyed it a great deal. I don't like the rating options provided here- Go or Must Go. It's not so magnificent that your life would be permanently challenged for not having seen it, but it was a...

Creative Tension

By Arturzinho
The conceit or concept of the movie is a delight and leads one to think that is will be a light-heared romantic comedy. The clever idea of a mixed-up delivery of a lunchbox to a man who is very happy...


By frenchteach
from what i had read about the film, i hadn't thought it would be so sad. in fact. all alomg i wa hoping for a happy eding. in addition i had a lot of trouble with th subit;es/ they were so light on...

The Lunch Box

By catharinejones
To view this movie you have to willing to be with the characters as they develop, not expect lots of outer action, rather it's the suble working of relationships....

The Lunchbox is worth seeing!

By lazarus4
We enjoyed this cozy little relationship movie. It's two main character's seemed heartfelt and full of internal conflict. The unseen but frequently heard character of the woman's auntie left your...

The Lunchbox

By pcampuzanohere
This movie is gentle, sweet and funny. It gives the characters time to feel, to react to each other, to change, to grow. Not the camera nor the plot rushes them. In their loneliness, two people...

too short a movie

thinking the director may write a sequel as it left us hanging and wanting more for the movie, did not like the ending, hope there is a follow up...

Lunchbox was a delight to all senses!

By momomo2
Actors were fascinating to watch, and the view into the life of another city, the sights and sounds were so vivid. I almost felt I could taste the food too. Cinematography beautifully done. Story...

Beautiful--both sad and optimistic

By rschechter222
This was an incredible movie. I felt like I knew the characters and understood them personally. The scenes of India also gave such a realistic view of everyday life in Mumbai--fascinating....

The Lunchbox

By ljbroth
This movie was charming, funny, poignant -- delved into themes of loneliness, aging, self awareness, and courage. Loved this movie on so many levels!! Impeccable acting, believable characters,...

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Rated PG | For for smoking and thematic material