The Grand Budapest Hotel Synopsis
A famous hotel's legendary concierge strikes up a friendship with a young employee who becomes his trusted protégé.
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A Delightful Romp

By wordgirl24
Quintessential Wes Anderson, at the same time going farther, to be quirkier and more fun than ever. Loved every minute! Ralph Fiennes is charming, and Willem Dafoe is characteristically excellent. A...

Creative, imaginative, and moving.

By Juslapoint
The whimsical approach to a rather deep plot line, filled with humor and fun, yet reflecting a hard time in human history, was put together with amazing writing and directing. This movie had your...

The Grand Budapest Hotel

By georgethethird
This is a fun, acerbic take on a mythical past left us by the bygone era of the Hapsburg empire, the super wealth of that time and the falling into war while asleep of the same era. It is fun, sad...

The Grand Budapes Hotel

By francinefieldman
It's "Fargo" meets "Fawlty Towers" - Deadpan humor - witty but quite violent in a couple scenes. The sets and landscapes were awesome! You really thought you were there! It's one of those movies...

Poirot, Clouseau, Tintin, and Steve Martin all in one

By cristinat41161
Tight writing, wonderful actors, and exquisitely composed shots combine in this hilarious, super-serious parody of just about everything. It uncannily seems to reference even the Winter Olympics and...

The Grand Budapest Hotel

By pbegley
Great cast but really flat film. Cinematography is interesting, as are the sets and settings. But there is no story and no comic sense of timing or intrigue or anything else that would have made this...

Quirky and out of the ordinary

By lynnsurp
This movie is odd but funny and is a parody on other classics in several respects. Ralph Fiennes is great. There are several cameo appearances by other comic actors. It was a nice diversion....

Droll, pointless humor

By producto
very dry humor that wants you to laugh at whatever ridiculous act the writers come up with. It was as if people were laughing as a way to pronounce that they "Understood the point of the humor". ...

Another quirky masterpiece

By edlewusa
You either like Anderson's quirky style of movies or you don't. If you don't, this is a great movie to be drawn into his style. If you do, well, don't have to say anything else. Ralph Fiennes was...

why was this movie made

By marjorie1
Total waste of time other than we saw this movie at an AMC theatre with the reclining seats and I would be happy to sit in these seats for two hours with a blank screen....

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Rated R | For Some Sexual Content, Language and Violence
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Common Sense Media says Witty, whimsical farce with some cartoonish violence.
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