THE BOOK OF ELI. A dreary tale. Grade: C (Based on advance VIP press preview on Jan. 14th. 2010)

Written January 17, 2010
The Hughes brothers(Albert and Allen) directed this 118-min movie starring Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, and Gary Oldman. Filmed using the RED digital camera, this bleak color-leached post-apocalyptic tale suffers from a serious case of plodding slow pacing. At almost 2 hours, it simply dragged on and on... and could have been shortened to 1.5hr with little loss to the plot. That said - the plot/story itself could be improved because there were a few glaring holes that would leave a intelligent movie-goer wondering 'huh???'. Gary Whitta's script needed major improvements. The action scenes were well-choreographed and the utilization of CGI was above average. Denzel's performance was lack-luster while Gary Oldman over-acted. Mila Kunis was a serious case of casting error - she looked too glam and totally out-of-place. Michael Gambon, Frances de la Tour, and Jennifer Beals turned in above-average performances. VERDICT: This movie needs a miracle. Wait for the DVD.
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Denzel Washington as a Bible toting fanatic on a mission from God!!!

By screwylouie123456
Written January 31, 2017
One synopsis I read put it this way "one man (Denzel Washington) fights to protect that sacred tome that could hold the key to the survival of the human race". Another, "a lone warrior (Washington) must fight to bring civilization the knowledge that could be the key to its redemption and save the future of humanity" I kept waiting to see how the Bible he carried was going to lead to survival of the human race or save the future of humanity. I'm still waiting!!! (If you want good vs evil, rent Stephen King's "The Stand". A great book made into a pretty decent flick)
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Thoughtful Flick

By bostonite52
Written February 15, 2015
For post-apocalyptic fare, this is probably the best I have seen. Denzel humanizes a role that could have turned this film into just another blood and guts fight film. Great story, profound and clever. Great commentary on power of faith and misuse of religion. And it is great to see little Jackie from That 70s Show shine in a dramatic role. Gary Oldman was superb.
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By Pammo1949
Written February 15, 2015
This movie featured one of the most talented actors of this time. The movie started slow and then picked up like a ride on a rollercoaster. The action was pheonomenal and the story thought provoking. As a regular movie goer I measure the movie by the time "I feel like I've been sitting in the theater". The movie was fast paced enough for me to forget about time and immerse myself in the story. This is no a movie for young children - violence prevails in most action scenes and it is visual and you can feel the action. As a Christ follower the movie was priceless. The "what if" was portrayed and the thank God for the power of "good" over "evil". I recommend it for all believers and nonbelievers. The most important lesson of life is taught and learned in this movie. The power of the WORD.
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The Book of Eli

By Jamiescandal
Written February 15, 2015
Decent post-apocalyptic survival flick starring the mighty Denzel Washington, the scary looking Gary Oldman, and the lovely and spunky Mila Kunis. Much of the scenery we have seen before. The story reminded me of the Crow, The Road, a little Road Warrior , and a ton of other end of the world type films. The Hughes brothers do give us some very cool and cleverly shot fight scenes, some unexpected tender moments, and some landscape imagery that may surprise you and stay with you. However, the movie did not seem to know exactly where it wanted to go and it suffers for it. I did enjoy it, but I have a feeling I would not feel the same way if Denzel wasn't the star. Every little thing he does is magic, and in a somewhat meandering/misguided/derivative film like this, that star power makes the entire film work. Mila Kunis, is great too,as is Jennifer Beals, in a supporting role, but overall, if it wasn't for Denzel I really could just as easily have left "The Book of Eli" unread.
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