By RGU808
Written February 05, 2008
More on the attrocoties of our country holding thousands of detainees without due process. I rented a documentary on ABU GHRAIB that already covered a bulk of what was presented in this film, but it did go into great detail in pointing out that being a country that tortures prisoners does not get any trustworthy information nor does it make us any safer.
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no way i

By poopy101
Written January 15, 2008
no way i think it stinks
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A Tough Wacth.

By shawnb78
Written March 22, 2008
This was a very well made do***entary that was evry hard to watch. I am very middle of the road politically, I am a veteran, and I am very sorry for how the government handles certain things. It was a movie that introduces you to facts that are not hard to research yourself and it is definantly not a Michael Moore type movie. I was impressed with this movie on many levels and was sadden on even more levels. I recommend seeing it, if you are willing to think about things that are just not po****r in the public.
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Absoute power ******* *********...

By md_emory
Written February 09, 2008
We are going to get enough of not having anyone police our actions as a country - nod and wink... Happens through out history constantly.
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Just Wrong

By maranellofellow550
Written March 28, 2008
I don't care who you are. If this movie doesn't offend you, you need to recheck your morality. To critisize you're country is one thing, but for a film maker to create such slander against our siblings, mothers, fathers and cousins on the front lines, is terrible.
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