By dman007
Written December 21, 2007
This is one of those movies that you can proudly recommend to everybody you know. There isn't anything you'd want to change about it. It is so intense and rich in details with the why,when,how,what and where) Story: 5/5 Direction: 5/5 Acting: 5/5 Music: 4/5 +Aamir is too good in this movie both as actor and director + Aamir stuck towards the storyline even if it meant less screen time for himself + Suitable for ALLL AGES and even non-Hindi SPEAKERS who could watch it and read subtitles (im sure it will be subtitled) + Story is well-paced with fantastic writing on board + Songs are good and fun to watch + Countless other things + Kudos to story again ! - No bad things about it other than the fact that its so down to earth and unselfishly directed unlike Shah Rukh's commercial/sour candy Om Shanti Om ** PLEASE RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS INCLUDING PEOPLE NEW TO HINDI MOVIES
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taare zameen par

By Mc Lovin
Written September 12, 2017
This movie was an outstanding insight to the mind of a child a great way for parents to understand what their child might be going through. Amir Khan was amazing just like in "Fanna". Ashaan (the boy) was played very well and needs to be reconized as well. This movie is an absolute must see so tell all your friends and family to go see it and then have them write a review for this wonderful movie.
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Must watch for parents

By rbkrao
Written January 08, 2008
Nice movie seen in recent times. Wonderful performance by artistes especially te kid. the message given by the movie holds good for many parents in this age who just want to turn their kids into machines. who want to attain their goals with the help of their kids. good product from amir khan.
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Amazing movie; must see for all ASIANS and all grades obsessed parents.

By PakiHitMan Movie Goer
Written January 19, 2008
This movie really makes sense about how the world should be but unfortunately it is far from reality of what should be happening today. One man (Aamir Khan) makes a huge change in a child's life that is having trouble with school; helping him with school and alongside drilling on activities that the child is actually good at like painting. But children in today's world that live in India, Pakistan, Korea, Japan, and China are told one thing only -- to become a doctor,, and whoever cannot become a doctor is a failure; this movie will teach parents to think differently and respect and honor their children's strengths and let go of the weaknesses, a must see for everyone.
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Such a wonderful movie!!

By memyselfandaby
Written January 06, 2008
Aamir is at his best (as usual). I don't write reviews usually but after watching this movie, I wold definitely reccommend every parent to go and watch this movie.
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