Funny from the Start

By ru2bsi
Written August 19, 2010
From start to finish, the movie was about Wally - and his neurotic ways. He was truly the story in this; which was pretty funny to watch him change and go through this. Jen, was jen; but Jason won me over with his portrayal of the best friend. If anything -- see this for the laughs -- it was well worth it. Don't get bothered like I did with the casting of the little boy with BROWN EYES -- when both 'parents' had BLUE/HAZEL eyes...yeah -- that bothered me... As most people have been; I haven't been too impressed with any of Jennifer's flicks as of late (ah-hem; Bounty Hunter) -- But this one had some redeeming qualities -- i.e. Jason Bateman! He was an absolute blast in this flick!
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Best 'couple' movie I have seen in a loooong time....

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written August 24, 2010 silly and unbelievable rescues from bombs and guns,no uncomfortable or gratuitous sex/nudity and no syrupy perfect people. Have to admit I am a huge Bateman fan,but I would say if the movie was bad. It is honest in the realities of women dealing with being single and childless as they get older. It is honest about the things that we don't see in life,in getting sidetracked by storybook ideals. It is predictable,but that's not a complaint.Not one person going in didn't know who was going to be with whom. The ride along the way is endearing and fun to watch. I have never thought Aniston did as good a job in any movie since The Good Girl,but in The Switch,you see real personal struggles..even to the last minute in some of her decisions. I really like it.Love must go movies like Inception this summer,but just a story with no gimmicks,just people and real human emotions was a nice break. Goldblum did a notable supporting job,and the child actor was perfect.
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By 2boysmom52
Written September 26, 2010
Gotta say I was expecting the same old romantic comedy! I was pleasantly surprised with the twist and turns this clever script took. Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman made a GREAT couple! I say grab the girls or even your guy and see this movie!
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THE SWITCH-Switch my tickets for another movie!

By joeandcindy
Written August 22, 2010
We were looking forward to this movie. We like both actors and especially Jennifer Anniston. This movie moved so slow. Without spoiling the end, it was just frustrating! I wish I would have used my money for another movie!
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Five Word Review

By okiestate5252
Written September 27, 2010
Funny Cute Meaningful Story Line
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