By redyeah
Written March 29, 2017
this movie made a point and that's more than most movies do.
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What an Idiot

By devlin85
Written March 29, 2017
This moron who is a hardcore vegan goes from his set lifestyle to eating twice what I would eat as a normal meal at McDonalds starts puking and getting sick and then says "see how bad this is for you".. It's more like your an idiot who doesn't have a tolerance for meat and went from have none to 10x what a normal person would have. Its just like if a regular omnivore went to a strict vegan diet, they would have the same or worse illness from the experience. And after the whole month of eating nonstop McDonalds his health didn't actually deteriorate as much as the movie let on, 1/3 of America has worse health than he did after the whole ordeal. So the only thing I learned from watching this movie is that he is an absolute moron.. and people who agree with him are too...
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By willspecht
Written July 11, 2017
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