• Released
  • February 10, 2012
  • PG , 2 hr 13 min
  • Action/Adventure

Real 3D....detracted from the movie. Good movie though

By amfish
Written February 18, 2018
These comments are directed to those wondering if they should see the 3D version of TPM. The retro-implementation of 3D for this film was well done. There is no excessive use of 3D effects just for the sake of using it. As another reviewer said, Jar Jars tongue never comes at you. When used, there was deeper depth of field. It's best use was in the Darth Maul light saber battle scene. That said, the 3D effect often blurs details in the background. It also causes a significant loss of light intensity affecting colors and details in darker scenes. This really detracted from the spectacle of other worldly views. Taking my son and his friend for $39 total, we would have done better buying the trilogy on Amazon for $36.99 and watching it at home on the widescreen.
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