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Not as good as the first two

By jbmowgli
Written October 10, 2017
For a movie with three villains there were far too many scenes sans bad guys.
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Good, but not great...

By atogopher
Written December 18, 2017
Alright, it's hard for me to write that, since I'm a huge Spider-Man fan. The first movie was good, the second was amazing, but for the third venture, it falls somewhere between the two.
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By awayken
Written October 15, 2017
There has been a host of disappointment around this film, and I have to say that I concur. I'm a big fan of the Spider-man franchise, but I think they were too ambitious on this project: 3 villians, 2 love interests, 2 Spider-men. It was all a bit much, and left me feeling like too much happened to absorb. I'll definitely buy this on DVD, and you should definitely go watch it, but don't think it's the best Spider-man ever.
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By davidmiller0721
Written October 10, 2017
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