An IMPRESSIVE & thought-provoking sci-fi thriller

By jimchudnow
Written March 30, 2011
[ As posted with film poster & PHOTOS at: = ] ... On a commuter train going thru the Chicago area, we see a man named Colter (JAKE G)who’s being spoken to by his girlfriend, Christina (MICHELLE M.)... But, Jake is upset by her & insists he doesn’t know her. She thinks he’s kidding-- but he’s not, he’s very confused by it all... He becomes even MORE upset when the train is soon BLOWN UP by a bomb!... ... The incident keeps REPEATING... Will Jake FIND the bomb, &, if so, will he be able to disarm it?... Will he learn whether there’s ANOTHER bomb that might threaten the city?... Will he be able to determine WHO is behind placing the bomb(s)?... Will Vera & Jeffrey allow Jake to do what he himself WANTS to do?... Do they or Jake feel he can really “CHANGE” what we’ve seen “happen” to the train?... ... I found this to be a FASCINATING and unusually WELL-DONE thriller, with really effective ACTING work and a lot of satisfying “TWISTS”...
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By rickleon111
Written April 02, 2011
I disliked the film because it had too many replays of the same subplot albeit marginally changed. The actors were of good stock but their roles were one dimensional and very simple and monotonous. The climax became an anticlimax as the film progressed and the plots conclusion becomes predictable within the first third of the film. Directing could have been done by a student of film and the only cinematography was simply aerial filming from a helicopter so high up that not even a steady hand was required - reminded me of landing at O'hare International ten times within two hours and seeing Chicago on a very clear day through a very clean clear window. Even the script was plagued with repetition of the same subplots and little or no variety or intrigue. The actors had very little to do in making this movie as they were sitting down in the same places almost all of the time the movie ran. this had to be an extremely low budget film. I'm amazed at the pre-release rating and score.
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By Asianfreak
Written May 26, 2017
70 out of 100 Everything "was" okay but still mind-controlling entertainment.
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Not much else out there right now

By bikerdiverstud
Written April 04, 2011
We went to it cause we wanted to see a movie and this looked to be the most promising out of the rest of the sub-par movies out right now. It held your interest for the duration of the film, but never achieved anything great. With the prices movies are now I would wait to Netflix or RedBox unless you are just desperate to take your date to a movie.
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Good, but not compelling

By heringfamily
Written April 18, 2011
I enjoyed the movie as a fun action picture. As a sci-fi picture, I saw at least one hole that left me unsatisfied at the end. The premise raises some interesting moral, ethical questions for the viewer. Worth the time as a whole.
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