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A fragile college student thinks a killer has been summoned through the Internet to murder her.
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Los Angeles Times

A surprisingly effective low-budget horror film that takes as its true villain the casual cynicism and nihilistic misanthropy that so often...
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The Playlist

By Mark Zhuravsy
It's worth saying that the final moments of Smiley are a grade above the by-the-numbers film that unfolded prior, but it's too little too...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
Smiley, is unfortunately less scary than, say, the prospect of your significant other accidentally discovering your search engine history.
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Village Voice

Tell a die-hard horror-movie fan that the latest scary movie is the worst thing ever, and that fan will nod respectfully but still make...
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By Dennis Harvey
By-the-numbers slasher picture Smiley starts by borrowing the key concept of "Candyman," ends with a denouement heavily indebted to...
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The A.V. Club

By Scott Tobias
Gallagher briefly threatens to turn Smiley into something closer to the hallucinatory psychological horror of "Repulsion," but he retreats...
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The New York Times

By Jeannette Catsoulis
Failing to expand on the intriguing notion that evil can find physical form online, Smiley, like its sutured monster, is sadly more to be...
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Slant Magazine

By Nick Schager
Michael J. Gallagher's half-cocked horror fiasco is filled with clichés, pitiful dialogue, and clumsy aesthetics.
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By ashnsky09
AMAZING MOVIE if you love youtube then it is a must see all your favorites are in here most awesomest epicness movie i have ever seen...

Pretty bad

By jhs39
Mostly lame horror movie tries to create a new horror villain, a sort of cyberspace version of Bloody Mary where you type in I did it for the lutz(???) on a video chat 3 times and the title character...

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By laclairmia
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By BruceLeeBalboa

By Edwardlover550
If you love YouTube then it is a must see! Great movie written and directed by TotallySketch and all the amazing YouTubers in it including Shane Dawson If you love YouTube then it is a must see! Great...

I was the only one in the theater!?

By doodlebreath
You people missed out on a good movie. Hopefully they make a smiley 2...

it was ok for a youtubers movie

By joshsatx80
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like a scream wanna be!

By kingmalique19

Better than anticipated

By iminist3r
Smiley, a remake of Bloody Mary or Candy Man, significantly better than I anticipated it to be. The actors and director all did a superb job. The script was well written, just a little weak. Not a...

YouTubers are the BEST actors ever!

By hgtwilight
The movie was really good! I enjoyed it a lot and it has really good actors. Shane Dawson was really good in the role of Binder, I enjoyed him when he was on screen as well Toby Turner as every other...

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Rated R | For For violence, terror, language, some sexual references and substance use by teens.