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By pankjer
Written February 28, 2018
The best Bond ever. It's so different from the previous movies. It has action, humor and something you usually don't see in a Bond movie, heart and soul. A very powerful performance by Craig. The best part is that it comes full circle. Definitely, check out this movie.
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Shaken & Stirred

By bbecker258
Written February 28, 2018
God Save MI-6, movie was great, no gimicks to a large part, faithful to past with a good reworking of main characters. A scene in the tube was hokey. Good job of aging Bond. Santa I want a Jag for next Christmas!
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Skyfall one the best Bonds Yet

By ksaldutti
Written February 28, 2018
I have seen every Bond move to date and Craig is a real emulation to James Bond. He brings a human to a character that had become more of a cartoon in previous Bond films. We noticed the welcome deference in Casino Royal that we had a James Bond that had warm blood running and heart. Skyfall was great take on it 50th. with nostalgia of the Sean Connery days but with years clocked for now. Fun and entertaining during the entire film. I’ll be adding this to my collection and it will stand out as being the start of the second generation fifty and beyond.
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By BJ5400
Written February 22, 2017
Great Bon movie. Nice to see it go back to basics and not be so sci-fi. I got lost on the last 5+ Bond movies and am a beliver again.
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Bond Reinvented

By Darkola
Written January 16, 2017
The negative: There are a few scenes in this movie that we've seen before in movies, for example, fight scene in a train going into tunnels, motorcycle chase on rooftop, been there, done that. There was also one scene in particular, a train crash in tunnel that looked real cheesy. I also didnt care for the main bad guy, could have found someone better. The Plus: Everything else, with the little bit of negative I wrote above, this was really a great movie, one of my favorite Bond movies. I think what made this movie better in my opinion is the fact that they didnt get carried away with far fetch gadgets and chase scenes, they took it back a notch to old school, where you can believe it more. I also like the way they introduce us to a whole new reboot of the Bond characters, which I wont reveal as I dont want to give away to much of the movie itself. Daniel Craig did a great job as Bond, and the story itself was good. I would give this 3 1/2 stars out of 4 myself, enjoy :)
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