Sin Nombre

By alexandra_taylor
Written May 07, 2009
I walked into the movie by myself hoping for a little entertainment, but I received a lot more than that. The movie not only entertained me, but tore at my heartstrings. I had no idea of the extreme difficulties and consequences of crossing the border, nor was I fully aware how gangs worked. Though the trailer makes the movie appear to be a love story, it is not that at all. Sin Nombre is a tale of two young adults, who are vying for better lives in America. The story is real. I felt as though I were there with the actors. I couldn't stop thinking about the movie after it ended. One of my favorites, though only if I'm prepared to cry.
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“SIN NOMBRE” -- ‘Without A Name’ has much to be Remembered =

By jimchudnow
Written March 17, 2009
(Based on an advance preview:) Director Cary Fukunaga, a 31-year-old American Film School student, considers this his ‘Thesis’ work. It’s already won awards at Sundance in the 2009 U.S. Dramatic competition for Directing and Excellence in Cinematography. Rather than being about the direct question of illegal immigration from Central America into the U.S., it’s more about the JOURNEY of Hondurans (including a woman, Sayra, played by PAULINA GAYTAN) and their difficulties getting thru Mexico to the U.S. It also focuses on help given by a teenaged male gang member (played by EDGAR M. FLORES, who’d never acted before) while he tries to escape his ex-gang-members who are chasing him. In gritty detail, it tells the harrowing problems encountered by the eager illegals and the violence-fueled gangs that work to enlist young new recruits to their pointless & wasteful non-causes. The subtitled-from-Spanish film effectively makes you CARE about the participants, and it’s a fascinating excursion.
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Sin Nombre

By bobby'sgirl
Written April 29, 2009
Fabulous!! Shakespearean drama. Great acting. Although my friends thought it was depressing, I thought it was fascinating. Character development w/ very little information was impressive. If you don't like to be sad, though, don't go. If you love film, then you must see it.
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sin nombre

By magikman44
Written March 19, 2009
i was very fortunate to see this movie at the sundance film festival. the director cary fukunaga gave insight on how he researched the gangs by going to the prisons, he also rode the trains to get an idea on how these immigrants chose tthe mode of travel to escape gangs and poverty by trying to get to the u.s. it was a very good movie
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Very exiting and entertaining. Down to Earth Film.

By carmaldo87
Written April 29, 2009
I Came in to this movie very sceptical thought it was just gona be alirght but i was wrong it ended up being realistic the stories i hear on the border about what happens to people and how things are down there in latin america this film caputres the essance of it all. everyone i know that watched this movie before me and after me had very high prase on this film thought it was better than they expected dont want to give too much away. i hope this film gets accepted in america but i think it will have a tough time because i dont think america is ready for a gang member protagonest. Kinda like V for Vandetta i dont think america will ever accept a terrorist hero.
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