Fun and Funny

By keatsgirl
Written March 19, 2010
Nice mindless time out from life. Too vulgar,but some great new talent and a good theme.And sooo much better than that Beth Cooper movie! Would have been better with cleaner jokes,guess that's asking too much. Still had a good time
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By lovestalentmoviefan
Written March 18, 2010
...but the vulgar and crude personalities of most of the cast destroyed it.I won't say "oh no" because the actors all were pretty good,they just had a bunch of nasty dialogue to deal with.There was also no nudity or outright sex,but that is almost negated by the heavy makeout scene that ended in a private,doesn't need to be in a movie,consequence for the guy.????????I am so puzzled that whoever had the idea to write a screenplay of such a real issue for some people, decided to bury it in such stupidity
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Don't forget to take your watch!

By another_movie_collector
Written March 18, 2010
The usual slap-stick, sophomoric on-liner movie. The first have is relatively funny. The last half was written after the screenwriter went home for the day by, apparently, the night cleaning crew. Keep your eye on your watch, as you may leave at the mid-point as it's all down hill from there and you probably have better things to do with your time. It was definitely out of my league!
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Definitely over-rated!

Written March 31, 2010
Who is saying this years Hangover? Definitely not that funny. Herd mentality once again methinks. Funnyish,but too over-the-top vulgar to not be distracted.And why do we want to encourage young people that makeout sessions should be so intense,that it is basically doing it with clothes on? Please don't get mad at me about this,I am just saying what alot of moral,mature people are thinking.I DO LIKE HOW NICE THE TWO LEADS WERE AS PEOPLE AND LOVED THE ADDRESSING OF insecurity issues all of us "normal" people have,but it gets kind of buried in the raunch. Couldn't we see it being handled in a more tasteful movie? Acting was good,but it's scary how easy we,especially ladies,can be so blatantly crude in our acting and viewing as intelligent,decent people. On march 31 i am changing my soso to go.I don't like the above stated issues,but it was a good movie.
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She's out cold...

By DunInSpeed
Written March 19, 2010
.... Basically what my friend and I were during this movie. While the occasional laugh was great, it definitely was NOT worth the money paid to get into the movie. I found myself squirming in my seat out of raw boredom and it takes a lot to disinterest me when it comes to movie. I tend to have a very optimistic view on movies and it just did not interest me at all. I will reiterate there were strong laughs involved, but between the dry and long plot it couldn't recover and such laughs were few and far between. Certainly contained content that totally blindsided the audience and myself, while it was not a big deal it was definitely not expected. Ridiculous and pointless vulgarity to boot. The actors did well, but again a small pro in a massive movie of cons. I wouldn't recommend going and wasting your money at the theaters, wait until it hits REDBOX.
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