By kidkennyk
Written October 14, 2008
Not saying it is anything like superbad.Just i laughed more at this film than superbad..WORTH YOUR MONEY!!
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Top notch performances all across the board.

By MovieMath101
Written October 17, 2008
I thought every body in this movie was hysterical, and will definetly open the eye's for casting directers for all the major roles (Josh Zuckerman, Clark Duke, Amanda Crew, James Marsden, Seth Green) I actually saw the 12:01 am showing for the movie, by myself, just because I wanted to see this movie that badly. I wasn't expecting too many laughs, I thought the trailor showed everything worth seeing. I was shocked at how much I laughed throughout this movie. The only part I didn't enjoy, (you've all seen it) was with the idiot cop trying to taze him and pepper spray him. If it's any thing that I hate in movies, it's dumb cops. DUMB COPS DO NOT BELONG IN MOVIES. It's the most annoying thing you could possibly do to a devoted movie goer. (SUCH AS MYSELF) But yeah, go see this movie, lot's of laughs, beautiful girls, and raunchy humor. Perfect recipe to a good movie, if you ask me.
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Way Better Than Expected.

By The Real Truth
Written October 12, 2008
Went expecting very little,but i love to laugh so i figured why not. Another teen movie where the nerd is supposed to be the stud. Plenty of laughs from start to finish. You will not be let down.Rating 6.5 out of 10.
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good for teens

By kaz703
Written November 06, 2008
This movie has the typical crass humor associated with teen flicks. I think I'm a little too old (i'm 30) to find it out loud funny. There are parts that were cleaver, but a lot of it was just too silly. This is not to say that all crass humor is bad. Superbad, for example was silly but still funny for someone my age.
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By Popcorn_Penetrator21
Written November 07, 2008
I looooved Sex Drive for many reasons...most of all for the laugh out loud surprises. I cant wait to get this movie. I loved the cast and the plot..I wasnt dissapointed with anything..If you like the previews you'll LOVE this movie.
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