Searching for Sugar Man

By sandyErivers
Written January 28, 2016
Late 60's Detroit...apartheid in South Africa...Johannesburg's underground music...a music industry today that is no different than 40, 30, 20 years ago....a man who disappears...not just any man - a man who writes beautiful lyrics...a man who understands and feels emotion, personal and for the times...back then and even more The "sound" of his legacy that carried through the years is inspirin...and humbling. This is a documentary of two men who are relentless in finding this beautiful musician and their quest is rewarding, inspiring, and for the rest of us...humbling. It is a gift. SEE IT!
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By rwnyc7711
Written August 31, 2012
One word: TRANSFORMATIVE! Funny, that word repeatedly came to mind as I watched this incredible docu-story of an extraordinary artist: Rodriquez. This selfless, humble artist SHINES, being Rodriquez. It takes a truly special individual to accept family responsibility over material success. He was grateful for the amazing recognition and welcome that he received in South Africa, but ever so humbly. Not an ounce of resentment or scorn toward those that may or may not have reaped the rewards of his truly blessed talents. Life is reality (fairly close to the words he actually used in the movie) and he just had to support his family in the only way he knew how (physical labor) when his music failed to produce the rewards and recognition that he so justly deserved. This is a "Run, don't walk to see this" movie. One can only hope that through this movie and the release of his CD , this humble, selfless man can accomplish whatever he desires for him and his beautiful family.
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Best movie in years!

By rkolotkin
Written August 26, 2012
Don't miss this one. It is moving, uplifting and inspirational! A real winner.
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By Peneflix
Written August 15, 2012
This remarkable, magical documentary featuring a musician/composer who unbeknownst to him nurtured a revolution... Director Malik Bendjelloul discovers "Rodriguez" (album "Cold Fact") at a Cape Town record shop, "Mabu Vinyl"; hence the glorious resurrection commences. "Searching for Sugar Man" is an exceptionally compelling film with dynamic contracts; the brutal, unrelenting, unforgiving winters of Detroit, bifurcated by the luxurious, lush landscape of balmy Cape Town; loneliness of a man treading gloveless, through snow- entrenched streets, a guitar his solitary companion, versus the monumental idolatry of South African audiences; touching, insightful commentaries by his friends and daughters, contrasting with astonishment, worship of young, idealistic fans... ***For full review visit peneflix (dot) com!!!
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Very interesting

By lizard in Arlington
Written December 16, 2012
I knew nothing about this movie before I went to see it. My mother-in-law said she had read about it in the NY Times and that it had great reviews, so my husband and I decided to go and see it in Shirlington. I was really amazed by the story and found it to be very sad and happy at the same time. It was such an interesting story about this man who I knew nothing about. I would definitely recommend to go and see this film.
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