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  • 'Top Gun 3D IMAX' Trailer Teases the Need for Speed

    For a limited time only, Tom Cruise returns to the big screen to play Maverick in Tony Scott's Top Gun. Only this time, the Navy pilots are blasting through theaters in IMAX and 3D. 

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  • 'Top Gun' Returning to Theaters in 3D

    While we await the re-releases of Star Wars and Titanic in 3D, another iconic film has decided to put itself through the conversion machine in order to return to theaters in the third dimension. Yup, Tony Scott's 1986 flick about elite fighter pilots who play by their own rules is being converted to 3D for a re-release in early 2012.

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  • Paramount Faces Dilemma with 'Top Gun 3D' Conversion

    Tony Scott may be gone, but Top Gun lives on. Now Paramount Pictures, which prior to Scott's death, had been working with the filmmaker on converting the film to 3D, faces a dilemma of when and if to re-release the film. Would you release the film internationally only, forge a limited domestic run or shelve the version for a few years?

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  • Paramount Sets February Release Date for 3D IMAX 'Top Gun'

    Top Gun's coming back to theaters in 2013 … and it's upgrading its print to IMAX and 3D. Find out when and where you can watch Tom Cruise feel the need for speed.

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