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  • 'Prometheus' Writer Tapped to Reboot 'The Mummy'

    Another day, another reboot. This time, Universal has tapped Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts to reboot The Mummy. While Spaihts is eager to tap into the "dark, scary source material" of the franchise, are you ready for more Mummy?

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  • 'Prometheus' After-Party: What Are Your Answers to the Film's Biggest Questions?

    Prometheus landed in theaters over the weekend, and the major questions raised by Sir Ridley Scott’s mysterious sci-fi thriller … well, have only led to more questions. Everyone wants to discuss Prometheus in great detail. We're giving you a forum. Answer questions. Float theories. Spoil away. We can't wait to hear your thoughts. 

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  • Trailer: Apple Teases 'Prometheus' Trailer Premiere

    And the previews continue this afternoon -- this time for Ridley Scott's Prometheus, except it's not the full trailer. Nope, instead Apple has released a 30-second teaser for the trailer, which they say will premiere in 3 days. So in the meantime we have this little nugget to whet your appetite...

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  • WonderCon: 'Spider-Man,' 'Battleship,' 'Prometheus' and More!

    Movie studios took over the Ballroom on Day 2, with Sony's panel of Resident Evil 5, Looper and The Amazing Spider-Man easily being the crowd favorite. Universal's Battleship also won some points and the crowd roared with approval following the new Prometheus trailer. Here's what else went down...

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