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  • Salt Day X Exists Game Wrap-Up

    It's been a little while since I posted an update on Sony's Salt Day X Exists game, but now I've had the chance to play through all nine missions and offer a summary of the experience. If you've missed my updates and have no clue what I'm talking about...

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  • Salt Day X Exists Game: Mission One

    The movie isn’t based on a game, comic or other medium. Yes folks, it’s actually that rare Hollywood antiquity of an original storyline. As such, Sony is pulling out all the stops to promote Salt’s July 23rd release and familiarize audiences with this world of high tech espionage.

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  • Salt Day X Exists Game: Mission Three

    It’s Tuesday after a relaxing holiday weekend and time to get back to business. After tackling the first two missions of Sony’s Day X Exists game last week, Agent Salt gave me a brief reprieve before posting Mission 3 this afternoon.

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  • Salt Day X Exists Game: Mission Two

    As Mission 2 begins, I'm back at Agency Headquarters at 1436 hours. Agent Salt contacts me again on the cell phone I found on the locker yesterday. She tells me she's got some more info on Day X and that a command level operative is making an exchange at Benton Square. Salt needs me to take clear photos of the targets so the Agency can make IDs.

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