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  • 'Avatar' Re-Release Trailer Features New Footage

    Last time I wrote about the re-release of Avatar in theaters later this summer, you all had plenty to say (at last count the post had 72 comments). I was sensing a mixed crowd – with some of you itching to see the film again in 3D up on the big screen (like me), and others not interested in what they consider to be a cash-grab attempt...

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  • 'Avatar' Day Details Revealed!

    Remember back at Comic-Con when we told you that August 21 would be Avatar Day, meaning James Cameron was screening 16 minutes of footage from his upcoming, much buzzed-about movie in IMAX theaters all across the world…for free? Well details regarding that special day have finally emerged, and The Hollywood Reporter tells us that tickets will be handed out on a first come, first served...

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  • 'Avatar 2' Details! Where the Sequel will Take Place and More

    On the eve of its first (of many) DVD releases, we finally have some concrete information with regards to where James Cameron plans to take his Avatar sequel. Not surprisingly – considering Cameron's love for all things underwater – it appears as if Avatar 2 will concentrate on...

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  • 'Avatar 2' Still Brewing

    With the first round of Avatar DVDs hitting the shelves this Tuesday, producer Jon Landau met with some members of the press to talk about the making of the film and the upcoming DVD, but he also entertained questions about the sequel. So far this much is known...

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