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Really needed more 3D effects

By brookee84
Written October 29, 2010
The movie was a typical saw movie. It kind of didn't end like it would have been the "final chapter" but it was good if your talking about egde of your seat blood and gore. The only bad thing I wanna really critique on though is the 3D effects. There was only a couple parts where it looked like things were being flown at you. The previews lied, and made it look better than what it really was. The previews showed specific parts where you'd see bad*** 3D effects. But it never happened at the movie when I watched it. Pretty dissappointed for what I was expecting with of the 3D thing.
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Saw: A Must see saga

By Sithfan53
Written July 16, 2010
Ok, I know these movies have been coming out like every year, but this one takes the cake. Not only will this be the first Saw film to be shown in 3D, but it will answer the question as to what happened to Dr. Gordon. See this film if you so desire, and even if you don't care about the films. If you've seen the first 6, you must see this one. It is a film for all horror movie fans to watch. Compared to the ones previously made, this saga will definitely go down as one of the greatest of our time!
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By maxbarajas70
Written April 30, 2017
this is one of the best saw movies ever! It would be really better in IMAX 3D but it was really good and i liked how the series of this movie ended.
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Five Word Review

By Jigsavv
Written October 26, 2010
Best Horror Series This Generation
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saw 3d

Written October 29, 2010
I went to go see saw3d earlier and the movie was great it shows another twist in the story that you never saw coming. The main thing that sucked involved all the hype about the movie being in 3d hardly anything in this movie was really 3d so it was a waste of money for them to try to mke it into 3d.
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