Visual Feast

By pedsarq
Written April 25, 2017
What a great visual experience! This film moves from one magnificent scene to another, always leaving you amazed and wanting more. There are plenty of scenes involving nature, rituals, busy cities, food processing, and other remarkable human endeavors. Truth be told, I was dragged to this movie and wasn't look forward it, not knowing what to expect. However, I was drawn in from the beginning and my only regret was racing out for a quick restroom break.
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By peach.don
Written May 26, 2017
Love this film. Most people won't bother. There is no real story line. It's some of the best photography and music ever put to film. Hitting 25 countries with the best camera work I've ever seen. It shows you the beauty of this world. nothing blows up. no one gets shot. Probably why must wont see it. But I suggest that you take a break from the usual movie and check this one out. Films like this one need support. I'll buy the Blu-Ray when it's released.
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A visual, thought-provoking feast

By paulbohman
Written July 26, 2016
The cinematography is exquisite. The themes are presented without dialog, only with the haunting and beautiful musical score. There is a narrative to it all, but it is such a wide open narrative that it leaves everything up to the viewer's interpretation. It invites the viewers into the beauties and controversies of our day, presenting it all with expertly-crafted artistry, without passing a final judgment on the meaning of what has just been presented. The scope of the film is impressive, over many countries, and across many cultures. See the film, and talk about it when it's over. The film is meant to be contemplated, discussed, and reflected upon long after the lights in the theater are turned back on.
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By baritenor
Written May 29, 2017
This is the very definition of fine cinema. I don't think anyone going to this film would know what to expect going in, but let me tell you: BRILLIANCE. It's an odd exploration of the wheel of fates - the cycle of life... extremely beautiful and painfully real all in one. The cinema-goer leaves having experienced EVERY emotion humanly possible. POWERFUL.
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waste of time and money

By cargo216
Written June 26, 2017
yes, there were some stunning scenery images - not enough though - but then it turned into a bizarre trip to Chinese manufacturing plants and slaughterhouses. what was the connection between these? ya got me. then there was a bizarre sequence of some guy putting mud/clay all over his face along with black and red paint. huh? There was no message to the movie and what started out as a homage to beautiful and sacred places turned in to a mess. An hour and 1/2 of my life I'll never get back.
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