Play It Again Sam, Eh?

By CharlesHaas
Written January 21, 2016
"Oh, Canada! Most statesiders consider their northern neighbor less of a land of milk and maple-honey, and more as bland geographic version of the American invention of wonder bread. The appeal seems to come in election year cycles, and with every conservative elected into high offices there are idle threats by the intelligentsia to decamp the land of the “Eh?”. (Canada may have a conservative government now, but they still have universal healthcare, a lack of interest in Empire and their PM did not organize roaming bands of homophobic barbers as a young snot in prep school.) One wonders why every time a Democratic president is elected (the last and only liberal president died in office in his third term) Republicans don’t threaten to move south of the border..." Full review at "Le Journal de Charles Haas."
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By bloggochicago
Written January 21, 2016
Thankfully we watched this OnDemand instead of at the theater. As the movie plodded along, we kept groaning at the predictable dialogue. Finally, we had to shut it down. Couldn't even finish it. Big disappointment as my husband and I are big Sam Jackson fans.
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