Red Riding Hood Bites At The End

By judemovies
Written March 11, 2011
I knew this wouldn't be your regular Little Red Riding Hood childrens tale. I can't say it was loosely based on on it, but it certainly explains why the big bad wolf was bad. It has a unique way of weaving the tale including the famous lines of "What big eyes you have" etc...The snow scenes were beautiful and the snow does melt. It is not so full of action but the wolf is fast. The leads were a bit like the Twilight ones only they had expressions at times and could act a bit and looked better. They didn't sparkle. Oh darn! But there's blood and guts and a huge wolf that is more like the Werewolf. So, when you go see this movie, be prepared to see a combination of Little Red Riding Hood and the Werewolf together with all its characters. It's different and maybe that's why I liked it. How novelle to make an old tale new again. I should check up on Granny though over the river and through the woods...You must stay to the very end. I was the only one that saw the end. After the the credits
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Much better than Twilight

By SheilaParra
Written March 10, 2011
Very suspenseful and entertaining. The romatic drama was great.. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. If you havent seen you can watch at [BLOCKED WEBSITE] .**
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I loved it :)

By emilygrahamcracker
Written March 12, 2011
suspenseful and fun, visually delicious. I don't go to movies like this to discover something deeply philosophical; if that's what you're looking for you are going to the wrong movie. this film is just purely entertaining, I would see it again.
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This Movie Was Transformers 2 Bad!

Written March 12, 2011
Awful, awful, awful! A 14 year old valley girl could have written a deeper, more meaningful and compelling script. The acting and dialog was so incredibly bad, the only possible way for there to be any redeeming quality to the film would be to kill off all the characters by the end of the movie. Unfortunately, they were not. I can't believe I wasted two hours of my life watching this horrible film. To make it worse, my wife didn't even like it, and she usually goes for crappy movies like this. Anyways, spending two hours at the DMV not only would prove less painful, but provide better entertainment as well. My advice, don't be afraid of the big bad wolf-- Run like hell from this movie!
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Pleasant surprise...

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written March 13, 2011
...when I really only went to see Gary Oldman. Beautiful scenery,authentic sets,amazing cinematography and no obvious tells where you know the ending halfway through. Not doing many Fandango reviews these days,I like seeing current ratings from fans and hate this new format. But I did feel Red Riding was worth one,because I think some may shy away because of twilight connection. Hardwicke does quite well with this new story,and doesn't rely on Twilight success. Always have enjoyed Billie Burke,Seyfried-well,I don't see any great acting,but she does have those expressive eyes,and adds to the visual appeal of this movie. No need to rush out,but this is definitely better than a soso, Please see it on the big screen.
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