If you're an African American, you should see and support this film...

By HakatRe
Written February 24, 2015
As an African American and a pilot, I take the history and accomplishments of the 332nd Fighter Group (The Tuskegee Airmen) more seriously than most, I guess. This film was well made from a technical and visual effect standpoint (as to be expected from any Lucasfilm production). But, what really stood out was how accurately the film portrayed the historical events that took place in the air in that time and how these young Black men not only met but, far exceeded everyone's expectations in the U.S. military. Of course, one can expect some exaggeration in the drama and screenplay but, for the most part, the film accurately displays true action that those brave Army Air Corp pilots underwent. Just go see the film and appreciate this proud segment in African American aviation history.
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By iPhoneQue
Written February 24, 2015
This is a GREAT story, tastefully done, safe for kids, and I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone. Considering the story, it should be every American's obligation to see this depiction of real American history. I've read several reviews from nationally acclaimed critics. I disagree with most of them. The majority of the critics rated this movie solely from a cinematic perspective which doesn't do it justice. From what I read in non-movie sources, George Lucas had been trying to get this filmed done for almost 25 years and couldn't find any studio willing to take the project. As a result, he financed it himself. This brings me to my one objection of the film, the historical precision of this is just not there which is the whole point of the Tuskegee Airmen. The racial element of the story is toned down considerably. Although this is history, some are obviously still uncomfortable about it. Race still matters in America. Don't be afraid, my fellow Americans. GO SEE THIS FILM!
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Must see!

By bethand3girls
Written February 24, 2015
This movie was a terrific story, interesting, engaging and compelling. Not perfect, but a great story well told. The characters could have had more depth, but that would have bogged the story down and made the losses of some of them unbearable. Were the Tuskegee airmen perfect? No, they were human... brave, courageous, and heroic. American history is complicated and flawed. Only if we look at our mistakes can we understand our successes.
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im inspired

By mrm711
Written February 24, 2015
i was having a really bad day at work. i was going to skip this movie...but i thought, perhaps going to the theater will take me away from my miserable day. sure enough, it did. call it a sign, but i felt the movie was speaking to me...just as a woman experiencing adversity. i am truly inspired to fight and to stick up for myself, especially when you are being treated unfairly. this movie was like a song that understood me. if you are feeling at all down, whether at work, or other aspect of your life, and feel that there is no hope, watch this movie. it might just empower you...
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Red Tails a must go

By wilson131004gmailcom
Written February 24, 2015
Not only becaus of the star studded cast,not only because it is a Lucas film but because it is a very realistic review of US history. This part of our history isn't shared with everyone and it is not in our books in schools but these brave men gave their lives for the country they loved. I was moved
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