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The best movie ever!!!!!!

By Ernie752113
Written August 02, 2014
I went to see this movie with my wife amd friend and for the first time i had some tears coming out in front of my wife and friends , i was screming all the movie and one of my friends ALWAYS fall sleep watching a movie , BUT NOT THIS ONE!!!, we all were inside the movie and the entire theater as well , i dont know much about movies , if they had good or bad performances by the actors but what i can tell is , THIS WAS THE BEST MOVIE I EVER SEEN BEFORE!!!!! this one blow me away!!!!!!!
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By nathans
Written October 08, 2011
This is actually a feel good movie and it has a couple lessons also... Well worth the price of admission... Don't get caught up in the cover... Look deeper.
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Loved it!

By netzi85
Written August 02, 2014
Great fun film, definitely a family film - the only unsavory part in the film was when one guy came to collect on a bet with the lead character (hugh) so that may be a difficult scene for young viewers, but it was really a great, fun film!
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Real Steel

By pbanuelos2
Written October 13, 2014
This movie was totally worth seeing. I did not get bored once, and it's great for kids too. It didn't have any awkward-what's-the-point sex scenes and the kid Dakota Goyo was a really good actor. The end was fair but totally worth seeing!
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Real Steel

By gbermudez333
Written October 24, 2011
I have to be honest I would not have gone to see this movie if it wasn't for my kids, but after seeing it I recommend it, the characters in the story pull you in into the story and is a heartfelt movie, with adventure, recommend to see it!!!
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