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This was the worst movie I've seen all year!

By TheDivaCountess
Written August 28, 2017
This movie was a waste of Charlize Theron's talent and my time. Ridley Scott was my favorite director until now. This movie makes Alien 3 look like a good movie. These were the dumbest scientist I've ever seen. I am going to touch everything and smell everything and remove my space helmet and go out on an unknown planet just before dark. It was just RIDICULOUS!!! I am unable to suspend belief that much. Just a poorly written unbelievable script. The characters were SO stupid that I didn't care when they were killed.
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Since when do space ships have hand-breaks!?!? AND WHY IS THERE A ZOMBIE???

By DarkPhysicist
Written June 09, 2012
If you're looking for big budget action and amazing special effects, this movie is definitely for you. However, if you're looking for a cool science fiction story with some depth, interesting characters, and a compelling plot, avoid this garbage like the plague! The story has absolutely no point, it's just awful horror movie dribble disguised as science fiction just because it's in outer space. The story is illogical and filled with so many plot holes... the holes have holes. If you have half a brain and ignore the special effects, by the end of the movie you'll be sitting at the edge of your seat hoping that they will avoid yet another classic horror movie cliche... *spoiler alert*... YES, the giant falling space ship will crush the annoying [email protected]#$ that you've come to hate throughout the movie. And YES, there will be a squishing noise!
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wholly absolutely completely satisfying...

By oryx333
Written June 11, 2012
Prometheus does what all great science fiction films should do; it stays with you long after it has ended. It stayed with me so much that it merited watching it twice. While the entire cast is lovely, David and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw are the head and the heart of the story. Fassbender plays David with such brilliance that through a look or the way he delivers a line, you know exactly what is going through David’s mind. Is David lesser than humans because he doesn’t have a “soul”? Or is he better? Dr. Shaw brings forth questions of faith and belief, even in the face of answers that rock her very foundation. As for her much talked gory scene, I’ll just say she has got the makings of a heroine. I’m interested how her character will develop in any sequels. The sets are magnificent. The scenery in Iceland is breath taking and otherworldly. It is good to know that wild, primordial places still exist. It is wonderful to know that visionary, thought-provoking directors still exist.
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A Masterpiece Of Cinema Destined To Become Legend.

By Al P
Written June 08, 2012
When Ridley Scott makes an original movie, a sci-fi most especially, the audience is in for a really amazing experience. That's exactly what they get here. Spellbinding to the point of numbness would be accurate in describing this masterpiece. Even if you've never seen another of the "Alien" franchise, it matters not one whit to the entertainment here, but for those who have, it's even better. I see hundreds of movies per year in theaters all around the world. It's what I do, so it takes a bit to impress me, especially since I pay my own way. Most often big budget movies basically purchase their acclaim by wowing the audience with expensive effects but that's about all they bring. Don't expect pandering like that in this film. Once or twice every few years a movie actually knocks my socks off and this is definitely one of those. See this. In fact, see this twice. It's that good. You definitely won't be disappointed.
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Strong visuals, strong acting, weak script.

By valleester
Written June 09, 2012
The plot took too long to develop, most of the characters were forgettable (with the noteable exception of Idris Elba's Captain Janek,) and there were a few loose ends that did not get tied up at the end of the film. On a positive note, the film gives you an idea of how the Nostromo bungled upon the derelict alien ship in the original Alien film and you get the first inklings of how shady the Weyland group is. Also, the sets were well put-together, the special effects were believable, and the acting was good despite the script. Though, none of the positives outweigh the weak dialogue and inelasticity of the character's personalities. I won't be excited to see another John Spaihts/Dale Lindelof film.
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