Point Blank

By Joel_The_B
Written October 10, 2011
We went to the theatre with little expectation to see a really great movie, and wound up being incredibly impressed with it. It grabs you at the very start and takes you on a real ride. And yes, it's all done in subtitles, but I promise you they won't get in the way of a wonderful theatre experience. Treat yourself well - go see it!
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Too much violence and incredulous as a movie

By mweinreb
Written September 17, 2011
This movie did keep your adrenaline going the whole time, which results in a stressed out feeling by the end of the film. If you like a movie with blood, killing, and violence, this is the film for you. I'll pass in the future.
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Best Foreign Thriller of 2011

By culturevulture1
Written August 16, 2011
"Director, Fred Cavaye' brings us the" Best Foreign Thriller of 2011!!' In less than 90 minutes, the audience is virtually running-along with the characters in this film at break-neck speed. At the start, we see Sartet(Roschdy Zem), a career thug, being chased by 2 armed assailants and violently hit by a motorcycle and the pair trying to kill him. Hospitalized, Sartet's life is saved by a nurse, Samuel(Gilles Lellouche), who thwarts another attempt on Sartet's life. At home, Samuel is knocked unconscious and his pregnant wife, Nadia(Elena Anaya) is kidnapped. Samuel is told to get Sartet out of the hospital or else!! This starts the frenetic chasing that continues almost non-stop until a mostly satisfying end occurs... or does it? With the exception of a few Ouch, violent, moments, this film is well-paced, directed and acted.Point Blank is not for the squeamish, but holds up well for the action/adventure that it portends to be!!
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hunky smart nurse!

By denmarc
Written September 25, 2011
Great action film, has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing till the end. The French have a way to reel you in to the death of their actors. Justice prevails, and the character one might expect to be the villain becomes a hero of sorts. See it!
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Point Blank

By digsdirt
Written September 08, 2011
It was OK. I was expecting more from a 4 1/2 star rated film (as reviewed by my newspaper). I would rate it 4 stars. I liked the ending.
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