it may seem stupid, and it is, but it was executed (pun intended) wonderfully

By glxy2
Written February 08, 2009
It may seem like an awful movie with Colin Farrell and Keifer Sutherland just talking back and forth. And it is. But the suspense builds up from a pimp trying to knock the phone booth down, Colin Farrell having to take out a gun that's in the phone booth but the police will shoot if he does, but if he doesn't the sniper will. Great suspense an it is an awful movie idea, but between the dialogue, acting, and writing, it amounts to something greater.
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Way back when

By coowboys
Written August 06, 2009
I tried to enjoy this film but I had to poop the whole time, i ended up pooping in the recycle bin as i left the theatre, other than this it was an abrupt and thought provoking film
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Better than expected, a real cool movie.

By Varvaro
Written August 26, 2010
Even though the whole movie was filming a guy in a phone booth they made it great. Sort of like the Seinfeld episode where all they did is wait for a table at a restaurant, no one thought it would work but it turned out to be a great episode. This movie is similar but just with building suspense and many "what is he going to do now" situations. There is also a bit of a "twist" if you will... at the end which I thought was cool. Definitely go and see this one, it is just an awesome film.
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By beaglesareawesome
Written July 29, 2013
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