Looks great!

By coolman100
Written January 12, 2009
This movie looks hilarious! I cant wait to see it!
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Mall Cop...

By deejay666
Written January 03, 2009
I'd say this is a great family movie... i mean seriously, you don't see that every day, it has a great sense of humor it shows character, in most movies or real life, if you say cop or security... the first thought would be, "they're serious about their work, they don't have that much fun" etc etc etc... but "Mall cop" doesn't say that. It says that there's an inner child in every person, and how fun and how boring your job will be, it all depends on your attitude to how you spend those hours. I'd really recommend this one for the family, or especially anyone who hates their jobs, cause their is fun in everything we do, we just need to spot it and bring out.
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Cute and good for laughs

By Lgoaliefan
Written January 26, 2009
I went with my husband and sister and we all enjoyed the movie. It is good for laughs.
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I WANNA SEE IT SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

By Cara998832
Written January 05, 2009
I havent seen it, but i really want to. I wanna take my friends and i want them to see it. I hear its gonna be a great movie. Kevin James is a wonderful actor ( in some cases). He has his moments, but all in all he's wonderful. I think it would be a great family movie. Im looking forward to it very much.
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By twilightgurl123
Written January 12, 2009
i saw previews and im going to see it with some peeps on the premiere
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