Written April 07, 2009
Per an actual advance press preview which I attended this Monday evening. This 86-minute black comedy stars Seth Rogen as a delusional optimistic determined mall security officer who takes his job wayyy too seriously - co-starring Anna Faris, Ray Liotta, Michael Pena. I enjoyed the twisted humor and caricatures portrayed by the cast - laughing till my sides split at a few of the scenes. Seth Rogen is the current ultimate underdog 'hero' and he was hilarious - you'd root for him all the way throughout the movie. What I did not enjoy was the overt display of male nudity. If you watch this movie you would totally understand why I need to lobotomize the section of my brain that stores those memories. Not a pretty sight on-screen. Michael Pena was a RIOT! VERDICT: NOT family-friendly and NOT for kids due to stark naked nudity; graphic depiction of sexuality; scenes of drug-use; vulgar blatant profanity, alcoholism/drunkenness., etc. Fans of Seth Rogen - a MUST-SEE!
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Mel-brooks meets Tarantino humor

By Venom400
Written April 08, 2009
The movie is not hilarious , but it does keep you chuckling . The director put great amounts of effort into keeping the shock factor in here , just when you think the movie can't get any more shocking it does , also the writter finds fun on things that are actually pretty tragic , like alcoholic parents , people with bi-polar disorders ,drunken sex , and other tragedies that would make you cry wasn't because the director manages to make it look funny enough. This movie has tons of dark humor along with tons of the use of the F word , I honestly think the director was trying to break the record of the use of the word fu .. Entretaining and shocking , not for the faint of hearth or people that thing that the human anatomy is gross . Also the story turns a little sur-real at the end with the ending that only a teenager on weed would imagine . Watch at your own risk take only other open minded individuals and no kids.
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Paul Blart vs. Ronnie Barnhardt

By elwoodfan77
Written April 01, 2009
I saw this at the SXSW Film Festival in Ausin last month. Halarious movie, and definitely a must-see. It's like the better, more perverted -- but funnier -- version of Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Seth Rogan is genius; another smart and successful move by being cast in this film. I definitely reccomend it; very funny humor.
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Flat out Bad

By 4EverGreen
Written April 20, 2009
A vulgar and unfunny copy of Mall Cop (which wasn't a very good movie to start, IMHO). I took my teenage son and two of his friends to see this waste of $40. There were a couple of funny moments (but a comedy with only "a couple" of funny moments isn't good). Otherwise, it was boring, tried way to hard to be shocking (using the "F-bomb" 40 times in a one minute sequence is neither funny or shocking...just tiresome), bad acting, horrible wrting, etc., etc. And the ending, which does have a bit of a "shock" to it (thankfully, I was all but asleep by that time), was also disturbing (if you've seen the flick you know what I'm talking about). I actually couldn't look at the screen (is that what they intended?). I suppose if you are BIG Seth Rogen fan MAYBE you'll find something to like about this movie. If you aren't find something better to do with your hard-earned cash! Terrible movie, DONT SEE IT
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the deciding factor on if you should see this movie is

By Honest Feedback
Written April 10, 2009
if you are prepared to see a movie about several themes built around a basic top, carried out by actors portraying a range of characters. the movie followed a general theme of a particular length with various characters experiencing tension then resolution. External and internal conflicts were featured. dont go otherwise....
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