Hilarious movie

By Kobeisthebest24
Written June 26, 2008
Funny from beginning to end. Its not bad, like the dumb critics are saying, Eddie Murphy is great as always.
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How You Doin'

By ann79thcourt
Written May 25, 2007
Norbit is probably the funniest movie I have ever seen! Eddie Murphy did a great job playing Rasputia, Norbit, and the unforgetable.. Mr.Wong! My favorite parts were when Mr.Wong's toast at the wedding, the entire waterpark scene, the wine cooler/ block party scene, and everything including Pope Sweet Jesus, and Lord Have Mercy!!!! Whoever didn't see Norbit should definitly see A.S.A.P!!!!!!!!!!!! "How You Doin" !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Run for your lives!

By clobberingpunk
Written July 24, 2012
Norbit has its moments, but for the most part it just drags on and you loose interest. The first 20 minutes is probably the best part of the movie, i praise eddie murphy for being able to play 3 different characters. Overall this movie has made me laugh, but i lost interest in the middle, but overall its ok
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By ggbull
Written October 19, 2008
sometimes i see a lot of fat people in my neighborhood some times like that but that was a funny movie dont let the so so fool you.
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oh my goodness

By acting4life
Written June 13, 2007
It isnt really that funny, there are a few funny parts at most. It just gives you a feeling of pitty and of being trapped for norbits sake. ew. Don't go.
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