Neil Young JOurneys

By lltopmom
Written July 29, 2012
Disappointing. If you are a die hard Neil YOung fan you will probably like it but as an intro to Neil I wouldn't recommend it. Plays more newer songs than old fan favorites and a lot of the photography was strange. Too much really close face shots up his nose so that you could actually see slobber. Not exactly artistic We were glad we saw it for the few nostalgic songs but not a real winner
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Worst Movie Ever!

By catbutt
Written October 09, 2012
I could hardly believe that professionals made this movie! I was convinced it was amateur until I saw the closing credits. Too many horrible close up shots of Neil, that lasted way too long. Sadly, his remark about putting a firecracker in a turtle's behind and blowing it up has forever tainted my image of him. He laughed it off as the follies of a young boy, but how awful. He really came off as narcissistic and washed up. Wish I had walked out, but I kept hoping it would get better. Save your time and $.
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