the lovable mr bean

By aces_ekko
Written July 26, 2007
Mr. Bean is at it again. This time he finally catches a break and wins a vacation to France. Along the way Mr. Bean touches the lives of everyone he comes into contact with. With all his fumbles and bumbles Mr. Bean must find his way to the cannes film festival to return a lost boy with his father. This movie is a laugh and heart warming with the ever lovable Mr Bean.
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Mister Bean's Holidays

By Pollyndoug
Written August 25, 2007
While not all this works -- the restaurant scene belongs in some other movie -- it is a great afternoon and the scene in which Atkinson and the boy lipsynch grand opera rates a place alongside the stateroom scene in "Night at the Opera"...That lead actress is enough to make me forget my vows and did anybody else notice the "North by Northwest" music as the train departed...
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Mr.Bean is great!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Cinema_freak_13
Written August 24, 2007
This is a must see film it is the best one i have seen in my entire life and everyone should go see it, it is hestericle, laugh out loud funny it is constint, normal mister bean. Though some parts are a little stupid they still make laugh and thats the reason they made the movie to make people laugh and to make them remember this movie for many years to come.
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Funnier than I thought it would be

By txmotherof2
Written August 25, 2007
I'm not one for what I call "dumb" humor so I really wasn't that excited about going to see it. My kids wanted to see it and since it's one of the few G movies out there that isn't a cartoon I figured no harm could come from it. It was surprisingly funny for both me and my kids. I wasn't rolling in the aisles but I chuckled almost constantly...and screamed a couple of times. It amazes me that a movie can be made with the main character only saying a combination of about 6 different words the entire movie. We'll definitely purchase the DVD when it comes out. I would definitely suggest this movie for children, adults or teens.
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The One And Only Mr. Bean

By gmendez497
Written August 10, 2007
A real must for any fan of the series. My girlfriend had never watched any of the old shows, but now I have to buy the DVDs every time we come across one. Only Atkinson can make people laugh without saying a single word!!!!
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