Synopsis: Robert Siodmak Double Feature: 65th Anniversary! CRY OF THE CITY, 1948, 20th Century Fox, 95 min. Perhaps the best realized of director Robert Siodmak’s films noir tells the tale (based on Henry Helseth’s The Chair for Martin Rome) of neighborhood pals who tread divergent courses. Victor Mature becomes a lawman, Richard Conte goes crooked. The two square off across the Expressionistic urban landscape of Manhattan with tragic results.

THE KILLERS, 1946, Universal, 103 min. The CITIZEN KANE of film noir that begins with the ending and moves backward through interweaving flashbacks to reveal the double crosses that led to the opening scene. The script by Anthony Veiller (with an uncredited assist from John Huston) uses the first 10 minutes from Hemingway's short story to plunge into the noir netherworld that Robert Siodmak depicted better than any other director.