Synopsis: Double Feature: Los Angeles Premiere! STEEL (ACCIAIO), 2012, Films Distribution, 95 min. Up-and-coming Italian actor Michele Riondino stars as Alessio, who works in the local steel plant of seaside city Piombino and still pines for his ex-lover, despite her giving him humiliating special treatment when a sweep of layovers besets the company. In Italian with English subtitles.

Los Angeles Premiere! IL ROSSO E IL BLU, 2012, Teodora Film, 98 min. An idealistic, hard-headed young Prezioso, who believes he can change his students BLACKBOARD JUNGLE-style clashes with a grouchy misanthrope Fiorito, convinced of the world's unalterable stupidity. Add strict and goofily hypocritical headmistress Giuliana into the mix and you've got an honest, bittersweet comedy of (educational) errors. In Italian with English subtitles.