Synopsis: Double Feature: Los Angeles Premiere! CHINESE TAKE-OUT (UN CUENTO CHINO), 2011, 93 min. Curmudgeon Roberto is shaken out of his solitary daily routine of collecting absurd newspaper clippings and visiting his parents’ grave when Chinese immigrant Jun literally falls into his life out of the back of a cab. Through a series of events that go against Roberto’s better judgment, the out-of-work Jun moves in with him, which proves a nightmare for Roberto as he makes increasingly desperate (and hilarious) attempts to get rid of his new roommate. In Spanish with English subtitles.

THE LAST ELVIS (EL ULTIMO ELVIS), 2012, 91 min. Dir. Armando Bo. John McInerny gives a knockout performance as Elvis impersonator Carlos Gutierrez, who lives in a pocket of Buenos Aires peopled by similarly obsessive Gene Simmons, Barbra Streisand and you-name-it lookalikes and spends his every waking hour crooning, strutting and pelvic-thrusting like the King. In Spanish with English subtitles.