Synopsis: Double Feature: HARD EIGHT, 1996, Paramount, 102 min. Seasoned professional gambler Sydney (Philip Baker Hall) takes on a young homeless man (John C. Reilly) as his protégé after learning of his current struggles to raise money for his mother’s burial. Enveloped by the pulpy world of Reno casinos, both men soon become involved in murder, prostitution and kidnapping - vices that are all the more ominous once it becomes clear Sydney is hiding a devastating secret.

THERE WILL BE BLOOD, 2007, Paramount, 158 min. Depicting mineral prospector Daniel Plainview (a brilliant Daniel Day-Lewis) and the brutal, bloody founding of his American oil empire, this soaring historical drama from Paul Thomas Anderson employs and ingeniously transcends the conventions of epic cinema – shocking and thrilling viewers at every turn.