• Release Date: September 6, 2013
  • Run Time: 1 hr 29 min
  • Rating: R - crude sexual content and pervasive language
  • Cast: Brian Hooks, Vashon Nutt, Steve Turner
  • Director: Brian Hooks
  • Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: Laughing to the Bank is written and directed by Brian Hooks, who also starred in High School High (1996), Beloved (1998), Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999), 3 Strikes (2000), Fool's Gold (2008), and the sitcom Eve (2003) . He delivers a witty and satirical look at an otherwise realistic issue that African American actors and actresses face due to lack of opportunities and roles that represent African Americans in a positive light. This film provides an uplifting and refreshing viewpoint of blacks in Hollywood making opportunities for themselves instead of waiting for them.