• Release Date: November 2, 2012
  • Run Time: 1 hr 42 min
  • Rating: NR
  • Cast: Melinda Shankar, Aidan Quinn, Ritu Singh Pande
  • Director: Shundell Prasad
  • Genre: Drama

Synopsis: A father and daughter are separated but are never truly apart in this touching story of a family tragically divided. Reshma is a troubled teenager in 1980s New York who struggles to discover a sense of self and strength amidst a daunting array of pressures and betrayals. While continually grappling with her tumultuous relationship with her mother, Reshma holds on to her dreams of reuniting with the father in Guyana she has not seen or heard from in 13 years. Documentary filmmaker Shundell Prasad's ambitious feature debut, which spans two continents and three decades, offers a nuanced and empathetic lens into the plight of displaced immigrant families struggling to create a brighter future for their children.