• Release Date: February 22, 2013
  • Run Time: 1 hr 33 min
  • Rating: R - Some violence and brief language
  • Cast: Alexander Siddig, Joshua Jackson, Marisa Tomei
  • Director: Ruba Nadda
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Suspense/Thriller

Synopsis: In January 2011, before the Arab Spring begins to take hold in Syria, Kareem had made the perfect life for himself in Toronto: beautiful wife, two grown daughters and a great job. Confident, his Syrian background was kept hidden only by a slight accent and his daughters' names, Muna and Leila, he is a man who had left his past behind. Until his daughter, Muna disappears in Damascus and his past catches up to him at a blink of an eye. With the help of Fatima, an ex-lover (Marisa Tomei), and Paul, a Canadian Diplomat played by Joshua Jackson, Kareem must confront his past to save the life of his daughter during a time of Syria's political unrest.